Hey, I'm Anler 👋

Full Stack Software Engineer

I love performance and algorithmic problem-solving. Armed with a strong background in Mathematics, I bring a unique blend of analytical and lateral thinking to coding.

I'm an advocate for functional programming and domain-driven design, striving to create seamless, efficient, and robust solutions.

With my lighthearted and friendly demeanour, I make team collaboration not just productive, but enjoyable too!

Picture of Anler

I am a Cuban/Spanish software engineer with a passion for guitar 🎸 and computer science.

Fluent in: TypeScript, React, Python, Rust, Reason/ReScript, Haskell, and Clojure/CommonLisp.

Interested in: Machine Learning, Distributed Systems, and Game Dev.


I'm following Gandalf's advice. My blog has not been late, nor early - it arrives precisely when it's meant to. And it hasn't yet!